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About Us

East Turkistan Football Association (ETFA) is the governing body of the East Turkistanian diaspora association football leagues in the following countries: United States, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, and Australia. Founded in 2019, ETFA is the first East Turkistan national football association since 1949, and it is responsible for overseeing all aspects of both amateur and professional games in the East Turkistanian diaspora communities around the world.

ETFA is a member of CONIFA, and it sanctions all competitive football matches within its remit at the national level, and indirectly at the local level through the country football association leagues. It runs numerous competitions, the most famous of which is the ETFA Freedom Cup. It is also responsible for appointing the management of the men's, women's, and youth national football teams.


ETFA aiming to represent all East Turkistanian diaspora communities and actively reaching out to include other East Turkistanian communities across the globe. ETFA is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Currently, ETFA has 3 chairmen who are based in the United States, the Netherlands, and Norway.

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Identity + Responsibility = Unity

To us, football/soccer creates a platform that would enable us to make political declarations and expand international relations to exhibit the skills and aspirations of East Turkistanians to the whole wide world.

East Turkistan

Two years before invading Tibet, the Chinese communist state annexed the

Republic of East Turkistan in 1949. As an occupied nation, the people of

East Turkistan made up of Turkic peoples such as Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz,

Uzbeks, and Tartars. East Turkistanians have unique languages and cultural

heritage that are significantly distinguishable from those of Han Chinese.

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